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Darren Odesnik, Esquire

Darren Odesnik was born in South Africa and grew up in Florida where he graduated cum laude from the University of Florida and magna cum laude from Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center. His early career as a defense litigation attorney provided valuable insight, experience, and defense strategies used by large insurance carriers in the personal injury legal arena. Switching over to the plaintiff side in 2011, Darren worked his way up to partner of a large volume firm, personally handling more than 10,000 personal injury claims and recovering millions of dollars in compensation.

After building someone else’s dream for over 10 years and wanting to have the opportunity to pay closer personal attention to his clients, Darren opened his own personal injury practice in February 2021, Odesnik Law. He specializes in vehicle accidents, slip and fall, and premises liability. With passion and integrity, he works tirelessly in achieving the best outcomes for his clients.

Q: What should someone do as soon as they are injured?

A: They need to call an attorney immediately. Oftentimes people don’t understand what their legal rights are, if their expectations are realistic, and the process to go through to get compensated fairly. Speaking with an attorney will prevent costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

Q: How long does it typically take to settle a claim?

A: The property damage aspect of an auto claim should be resolved within a few weeks after the accident occurred. For the injury portion of a claim, it takes much longer because the burden is on the claimant to show an insurance company their pain and suffering. The case can take months to years to build up and resolve, but it is best not to present the case until you have a complete picture of someone’s experience.

Q: Do you charge fees if there’s no recovery?

A: There is no fee for any part of the vehicle damage aspect of a claim. I help coordinate repairs and a payout, if applicable, as a courtesy. For the injury portion of a claim, the fee is 33.3% of the gross recovery, which is the industry standard, and is based solely on the outcome of the injury claim. If no recovery is made, no fee is owed at all. However, it is important to understand that legal costs are separate from legal fees, and are reimbursed to the attorney in addition to earned contingency fee.